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Lord Ripon (Sold)

Newton Hall (Sold)
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 Shelterdeck Ship Models and Publishing: FREE download, available here:   {LINK}
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All the model ships on this website were hand-built by myself, using any materials that came to hand.        They are NOT kits!     This type of model shipbuilding has virtually died out now, with most modellers preferring kits.       The models are built to small scales, usually 32 feet to 1 inch (1:384), or slightly largers scale for smaller ships.       Modellers will often state "I could never do that," and there the matter rests!     They are not, however, all that difficult when special modelling techniques are used.    For some time now, I have been putting these techniques into various downloads for prices that range from £1.49 for the shorter ones of 15 or so pages, up to £8 for the comprehensive ones that contain over 150 pages with hundreds of illustrations, and several "free" downloads thrown in, to allow you to decide if you like the style, or not.       The synopsis of these downloads may be viewed by clicking on the links supplied.   Then, if you wish to purchase any particular download, a Paypal button is available in the synopsis.    The system is fully automatic, and you will receive a download link the moment that payment is made.     The downside for most modellers is the fact that over 99% of my models are of merchant ships.     I find them rather more interesting and colourful than warships, but the techniques may be used for whatever type of vessel you may wish to build.      The download summary is given further down this website.   
Here are the Free downloads: 
{LINK} (Issue 1 of The Shelterdeck).
{LINK} (Building the barque East African).  
{LINK}  (A Deck Scoring Device).
"From Good Hope to St. Helena."   Book manuscript.

This A4-sized book will cover part of my sea service from 1974 to 1992 on the ships mentioned in the chapter titles:
Progress as of 20th June, 2017.
Chapter 1.Last of the Union-Castle Mailships: 1965 - 1974
22 pages
Chapter 2. RMMV Good Hope Castle, 1974 - 1976

16 pages
Chapter 3. Bulk carrier Silverdon, 1977:
16 pages
Chapter 4. Oil tanker Algol, 1977:
16 pages
Chapter 5. General Cargo/Log Carrier Bandama, 1978 - 1979
14 pages
Chapter 6. Curnow Shipping & RMS St. Helena, 1979 - 1982
9 pages (still writing it)
Chapter 7. Ministry of Defence Charter, 1982 - 1983

Not yet started
Chapter 8. The Final years, 1983 - 1990
Not yet Started
Chapter 9. Postscript. Not yet started

123 images so far, including colour, black and white, profile plans, full plans of St. Helena. Total word count to date 29,459.
The Ministry of Defence chapter will largely be a photograph gallery containing many images that have never before been published.
The Final years will cover the last few years of St. Helena (I), and a brief account of the present ship, St. Helena (II)
The Postcript will cover the decline of the merchant navy in the years that followed.
It is not being written from the point of view of a ship's radio officer, but more as the observations of "someone who was there!"
The initial print run will probably be restricted to 30 copies, as so far only six people have showed interest, but it is something that I want to do - so it will go ahead! 
Proposed Front Cover
Site images updated. 

Wednesday, 26th April, 2017
The Shelterdeck
I have now discontinued this monthly download because of a steady decline in interest, although all seven will remain available (See below for links)!   Each issue took about seven hours to research and write, so it is no longer a viable publication.    Many thanks to the very few who maintained interest to the end.    The sad fact is, that interest in the merchant navy is now at an all-time low.    All seven issues will remain available as downloads, and it "may" resume if interest revives! The demand for models, on the other hand, has increased greatly.      Hardly a week goes by without a number of collectors wanting to reserve the Imperial Star (See below), despite me requesting that no-one tries to stake a claim to it before it is finished.      I am currently working on my next book (See above)covering the steady decline of the merchant navy between the early 1970s to the present day.   

 sagamore @  
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The Shelterdeck (Index)
I have now completed an index for the first six issues.   It is three pages in length, and is avalable FREE OF CHARGE, via this link: {LINK} 

Here are some examples of my work:
Isle of Jersey (Sold)
Preussen (Sold)

Armadale Castle (Sold)

Winchester Castle (Sold)
Loch Torridon (Sold)

Politician (Sold)
Amarna (Sold)
Flying Foam (Sold)

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Payhip Downloads

Here is a list of our e-books and articles currently available at Payhip for automatic download on payment of the appropriate fee (Via Paypal).     Clicking the links does not commit you to purchase, but allows you to read the synopsis of each download.    When the page comes up, scroll down).   Should you then wish to purchase, a Paypal button is provided.     On Paypal payment, a download link is sent automatically.     In the event of problems with a download, please contact us direct via:
sagamore @ 
(Remove spaces on either side of @.
I recommend that if you have any downloads, you back them up into a memory stick, or other external hard drives, so in the event of your PC hard disk failing, you still have them safe!
By having any of these downloads will not open the doors to a continual stream of SPAM.    I only "speak when spoken to" in this respect!
A Deck Scoring Device (Free of charge)   {LINK} 
The Shelterdeck Issue 1 (Free of charge)  {LINK}
The Shelterdeck, Issue 2.  (£1.49).      {LINK} 
The Shelterdeck,  Issue 3., (£1.49).     {LINK} 
The Shelterdeck, Issue 4. (£1.49).       {LINK} 
The Shelterdeck, Issue 5. (£1.49).       {LINK} 
The Shelterdeck, Issue 6. (£1.49).       {LINK}
The Shelterdeck, Issue 7. (£1.49)        {LINK}  
 Miniature Sailing Ship Construction (barque Svaerdstad)    {LINK)
 Steam & Motorship Construction (Glenmoor & Kenya)       {LINK}
 Scratch-building Merchant Sailing Ships - A Dying Art       {LINK}
 Miniature Shipbuilder 2015  (Comprehensive with plans)    LINK}
 A Miniature Model Build Log - (Fort Amherst)                     {LINK}
 An Introduction to Building Model Steamers (Dashwood)   {LINK}
Modelling Ketches and Small Schooners (With plans)          {LINK}
 Modelling the Steam Whaler Esquimaux                               {LINK}

German 5-Masted Full-rigged Ship Preussen                         {LINK} 

Modelling SS Braemar Castle, of 1898                                     {LINK} 
A Deck Scoring Device (Free of charge)                                 {LINK}  
The prices shown in the links are for buyers in the UK, 
or anywhere in the World except EEC. 
If the buyer is in an EEC country (not counting UK),  
VAT will be added at the current rate for that country!  
This is an EEC rule, that came into force on the 1st January, 2015! 

The above link will take you to the website of Terry Smith.   Terry and I were shipmates in 1961, when we made a voyage to Australia and back in the old cargo liner Rhodesia Star.     Like myself, Terry has now ventured into the field of writing, his first novel being Sunshine, Sugi and Salt, an excellent and accurate portrayal of life in the Merchant Navy in the early 1960s.    He also produces attractive Merchant Navy lapel badges. Further details on his website.
SS Rhodesia Star (Not for sale - It was my first ship)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

U Tube and other Links

Links to some of our U-Tube presentations:

{Building the SS Politician}
{Building the barque Caithness-Shire} 
{Building the passenger liner Kenya} 
{Some of my scratchbuilt models} 
Merchant Ships in Miniature
Here is the link: {LINK}
You will only be able to view it if you are registered on facebook.    Currently recruiting to this new group.   At present, we have 46 members!  (24th November, 2016)

RMS St Helena

 DOWNLOADS (The printed books are now sold out)
RMS St. Helena, South Atlantic Mailship (£4.99)
My experiences aboard the passenger liners St. Helena (I) and St. Helena (II) between the years 1979 to 1992. (154 pages, fully illustrated in colour and black & white.
RMS St. Helena in the Falkland Islands, 1982/83 (£4.99)
My experiences in the Falklands, 1982/83. 142 pages, fully illustrated in colour and black & white.

Vintage Radio Construction Etc

Friday, 27th January, 2017
By clicking the links, you are not committed to purchase, but can read the synopsis of the download.    Should you then wish to go ahead and purchase, a Paypal button is provided.    The service is automatic, and the download link is sent as soon as the payment is received.

Building a 3-Valve TRF Receiver (£2.99)

Building a One Valve Radio Receiver (EF91 Valve) (£1.99)

How to Build a One Valve Radio Receiver (EF91 or 1T4 versions) (£1.99)